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What is a Subscription Cost?

Scraplabs is a subscription based service that currently offers 3 monthly subscription plans : Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual Plan for diffferent age groups categorized as Young Tinkerers, Junior Explorers and Budding Builders.

Do we get to keep the kit?

Yes the kit belongs to you and will not be taken back after the month ends. Laerning is a process and our kits are designed to have that flexibility to dismantle and reuse. Above that curricullum is designed in such a way that old kits and concepts are brought back in new kits.

What about Shipping Costs?

Shippings are free. We don't want our customers to worry these costs. It's on us!

Can we skip a month?

If a customer is out of town and is unable to receive the box, on a minimum one week prior information from customer we can delay the delivery by a month. But Skip a Month option has cap on no of usages.

Can we extend the subscription later?

Yes the subscription can be extended at no added cost but the rates will be according to added plan.

Can we cancel the subscription in the middle?

Yes the subscription can be cancelled with no charges. Refund amount is decided on the no of kits left multiplied by price at which subscription was purchased. Refund process is initiated instantly on cancellation and takes roughly 7-10 days and will be sent directly to accounts.