About Us

We are a team of young individuals who have listened to our teachers, seen the laboratories, eaten the canteen food and felt the tremors before the examinations: in a nutshell, we have been part of the Indian Education System. Through our experience and realisation for the need for a change, our organisation started the journey of introducing hands-on learning among school-going children. Our do-it-yourself mantra and learning by doing principle encapsulate everything we do at Scraplabs. We create well researched and rigorously designed kits and curriculum that have high regard among students and teachers across 50+ reputed schools in India. Scraplabs is invested in providing practical and relevant experience to children that allows them to dream, fall, fix, build and create something for themselves. The Scraplabs classroom program helps children understand their school curriculum and beyond through an innovative and tested method of learning. We encourage curiosity among kids that pushes them to seek answers to everyday real-life problems. They design and build working models while gaining comprehension of the concepts involved in it. Apart from classroom programs, Scraplabs also run Atal Tinkering Labs in select schools. These labs are fully equipped to educate and train kids in the field of robotics. The students get a hands-on experience of creating and gaining knowledge on concepts of mechanics and electronics. The time spent in such a lab generates interest and opens doors to the world of engineering. Over the years we have designed opportunities for kids to ‘think with their hand’ and impacted 50,000+ lives in the process. From spreading the joy of learning in schools we have also expanded direct to homes. You can now have a Scraplabs experience delivered right to your home through our subscription program. The program is categorised for 4 age groups:

Young Tinkerers | 4-6 yrs

Learning Discoverers | 6-8 yrs

Junior Explorers | 8-10 yrs

Budding Builders | 10-16+ yrs

Scraplabs curates customised learning experiences for each of these age groups that focus on building age relevant skills and knowledge through hands-on activities. From refining motor and sensory skills among the young kids to encouraging problem-solving skills in their growing years, Scraplabs does it all and more through the experience boxes.